I found over 500+ errors within my computer and got my computer running a lot faster and smoother once I fixed all the errors your software found.

Ivan U.

I'm glad I decided to purchase this software to try and improve my computer performance. My computer started responding a lot quicker now that I've ran the scan and fixed all the errors. It used to take over 5 minutes for my computer to startup, now it takes less then 1 minute after I used your startup manager feature.

Roman R.

I was about to throw out my old computer and buy a new one before I used your software. Now it runs a lot quicker and I can continue using my computer.


I wish I found your software years ago. It has helped me solve so many computer problems I've had and I love using the wire range of features such as the defrag, process manager etc. Your software is user friendly and easy to use even for a non-techie like me!

Katherine I.